5 Quick tips you can use NOW to protect yourself on Facebook

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In about a month (June 9th to be exact) we will be having our first PIT Stop on the Dangers of Social Media. I am soooo anticipating this event because there are many of us who are navigating very unsafely online and just because tragedy hasn’t knocked at your door, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t one click away. I’ll pause to let that sink in. Yes, you are literally one picture, one facebook post, one new friend away from tragedy. You are also one picture, one facebook post, one new friend away from a great online experience. So pull up your seat: I’m here to serve you a hot dish of tips that will make sure you get those great online experiences ALL THE TIME.


1. Unless your a promoter of events, adding friends that you don’t know can leave you vulnerable to experiences like:

  • Stalking
  • Harassment
  • Excessive Spam (not life threatening but could damage your computer with viruses)
2. If your child (18-u) is on facebook, you should have the following:
  • Their password
  • Their account should be linked to your email address
  • Question for possible multiple pages

Don’t feel like its a bad thing to invade their privacy in this matter because it could mean life or death.  Predators love to befriend people on Facebook. Anyone anywhere can create a fake Facebook page. Keep that in mind as you allow your children access. Whoever they are interacting with online, you should know about.

3. NO ADDRESSES, or pictures of the exterior of your home…not ever.. never!
  • Not everyone will celebrate when you close on your first home.  There have been many reported cases of burglary due to someone’s address being on Facebook. There has also been murder victims for this same reason. People will try to locate what neighborhood you are in based upon what they see in your pictures.
  • Change privacy settings or Add “exceptions” to certain posts  if you know your are promoting something or sharing something on Facebook that can leave you vulnerable.

4. “Check In” Information is bad

  • If you are checking in at Carrabas or Pappadeauxs, that means you are not at home.  This information can leave you vulnerable to burglary or even stalking.  Some crazy person could be following you to Carrabas just because you made it public knowledge on Facebook.
  •  Vacation time: If you want to posts pix of your latest excursion, release them when you get back into town.

5. Career Killer

  • Be mindful that whatever you do online can be detected no matter what you think is private or not.  If you keep this in mind then you can navigate responsibly.  If you are looking for a new job or trying to grow a business, potential employers will google you.  What comes up can make or break their decision.  What you put on the web, stays for a very long time.  If you don’t want your boss to see those drunken pix, then don’t put them online.

Bonus Tip:

Cell Phone Madness

  • Understand, that everyone pretty much has a cell phone and they can push that record button at any time.  Understand that what text you send or picture that you send can now be a screen shot away from appearing on someone’s timeline.  Protect yourself and your loved one’s by monitoring what you say or send through your cellular device.


I hope  these tips will help you to navigate safely in this online world.  Implement these today so that you can be doing your due diligence in keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Happy Surfing!



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